Human Made, the company behind A Day of REST, the first ever REST API conference, today announced A Week of REST, a residential developer bootcamp dedicated to the WordPress REST API.

This four-day event will be focused entirely on learning how to build REST API-driven sites and applications. Geared towards WordPress developers, “this advanced bootcamp will teach you how to leverage the API, create your own API with custom endpoints, and display WordPress data in a frontend JavaScript application.”

The inspiration for a longer, more in-depth REST API-focused event came from the feedback received from A Day of REST.

“After a successful first conference dedicated to the WordPress REST API, we asked if you would be interested in a longer, more in-depth event on learning how to build REST API-driven websites and applications with WordPress. A significant amount of our surveys respondents loved the idea…”

A Week of REST is slated to take place later this year in the UK. Tickets are £1,500, or $2,155, and include all meals, accommodations, and training for the four days. The final dates and location are not yet set, however, you can sign up on the event website to receive updates.

Marie Dodson

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