When I started weDevs 3 years ago this day, I never thought I would build a company, hire people, have an office and will do so many things together. I started managing a company, doing HR, Accounting and all those things that I never had any experience before. What can you expect from a fresh university student? Not much, eh? I never had to do any managing before, didn’t had to do any accounting either, not even the guy I hired to manage those few employees had the experience beforehand. It was all a new experience for every one of us, creating WordPress products what we only could do and we do it better than more than a lot of people. There isn’t a plugin for that! Then we realized, WordPress doesn’t have any HR, Accounting plugin either and we could totally be able to manage the new company within a WordPress system. As developers, we see WordPress from a different perspective, we don’t see WordPress as a CMS, but we believe its a platform for building web of things. So we took the challenge to build a complete system that would help any small, medium, even a large company to manage its Employees, Accounting, CRM and all those needed nuts and bolts. If you could manage your office
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