When creating a website, I put a lot of effort into making every feature and every piece of content on the site as accessible as I can. Keyboard navigation should be made easy for those with mobility challenges. The code I write should be clean so that it’s easily parsed by a screen for the common man or a screen reader for the visually impaired (among many other devices). There should also be fallbacks present when one form of media just won’t work for everyone and their individual needs. You may not understand exactly what I’m talking about or what I do to achieve these things, but if you’re managing a website, you should be invested in the accessibility of your website and your content... which I freely admit this can be really, really hard. Just knowing what needs to be done is difficult as you have to dig through tech jargon and accessibility gobbledygook to find the few rules you should really care about as a Content Manager (or Copywriter, Website Administrator, whatever your title may be). So let me pick apart the gobblegygook and give you some specific to-dos to keep your site accessible: Writing More Accessible Copy If you ever hear a developer say something that sounds like
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