Everyone’s moving to WordPress development. That seems to be the clear trend nowadays. You can see it clearly when comparing searches of different CMSs. At one time, back in 2009, WordPress had just as many searches as Joomla, even less. The scales have since tipped, and now many companies and individual developers are focusing their efforts on building tools specifically for the WordPress CMS. This is a great opportunity to create a thriving business in a relatively new booming market. Companies nowadays are even shifting some of their current product mix to WordPress. Such a company is 123ContactForm, a company that has been providing forms and surveys solutions since 2008. They have recently released a new WordPress form plugin, CaptainForm, and are now trying to duplicate the success they had on other products, specifically in the WordPress market. This is not an easy task, and entails facing such competitors which include free plugins like Contact Form 7, and paid plugins like Gravity Forms. In this interview with Alexandra Draghici , Product Owner of CaptainForm, we wanted to find out just how CaptainForm tackles this challenge. 1. Can you describe the main value that you bring
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