The strategy of using an automated system to try different variations in order to find the one that converts the most – A/B testing – wasn’t our invention. That is something that professional online marketers have been doing for a long time. Our mission is to take this proven strategy and make it work for every WordPress site. Really, it’s a beautiful thing about WordPress, that we take the technologies that work for the web and make them available to everyone. Democratizing publishing isn’t just about giving everyone a blog anymore, it’s about ensuring that every individual’s personal site and every business’s promotional site can empower them to reach their goals. We designed Ingot from day one to be perfect for sites of any size. No need to have tons of traffic, deal with complicated interfaces or hire a CRO expert to analyze your results. Ingot is the easy way to do A/B testing – to “do less, and convert more.” So today, we are very excited to announce that we are making our made for WordPress A/B testing platform more easily accessible by introducing the “Ingot Lite” version of our product: Nugget (because a nugget is a piece of an Ingot – geddit?). Nugget will be available on
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