photo credit: Drew Patrick Miller The official plugin directory is arguably the best place to host a plugin if you’re looking for the widest distribution, but it’s also one of the most inhospitable for developers. A current meta team initiative is focused on improving search, including prioritizing translated plugins for international users, and streamlining plugin submission, among other improvements. This major overhaul is slated to be finished at the end of June 2016. In the meantime, plugin author Mickey Kay has created a plugin that he intends to be the go-to resource for plugin and theme authors looking for a better management experience. The WP Dev Dashboard plugin offers statistics for all of your plugins and themes in one convenient dashboard, along with a list of unresolved support requests. In a post titled “A model for the new WordPress plugin directory,” Kay identifies some of the common pain points that developers experience with the existing directory: “dependency on SVN instead of Git, inconsistent search results, inclusion of obsolete information, obfuscation of more important statistics, etc.” Kay built WP Dev Dashboard to assist those who
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