ManageWP Orion development has been an exciting ride these past two years. We started the closed beta back in January 2015. Your feedback helped us build Orion the way you need it to be. In October 2015 we released Orion in mirror mode because we wanted to share the new dashboard and the new backup with the community. This generated a ton of useful feedback, and gradual addition of new tools helped us nail each tool before moving on to the next one. It’s March now, and we’re only one milestone away from completing the Orion roadmap. The final SEO milestone will be released next week, and I’ll use this moment to go over our plans for the future. To-Do List Before Classic ManageWP Goes Away The Classic dashboard is going away in the next 45-60 days. We’ll use this time to do a bunch of minor things like bug fixes, optimization, security audits, onboarding, release party planning (can’t have too much confetti) and more. I’ve outlined some of the most important ones below. The new pricing model We did several rounds of pricing experiments and came up with the right model that we’ll publish next week. We’re talking about flexible, per-site, per-tool pricing. You’ll pick and choose only the
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