We are so excited to share this with you: starting today, Nugget by Ingot is available on WordPress.org. This means that any users on self-hosted WordPress can now take advantage of the best solution for A/B testing right from your plugin search on the WordPress.org website. Now, you can install Nugget right through your WordPress admin, and get updates through WordPress. A/B Testing Using Nugget Is The Easiest Thing Ever Nugget is Ingot’s lite version. Using Nugget, WordPress users can A/B test one call to action at the time, for example, a “Buy Now” button, a “Sign Up For My Newsletter” contact form, etc. Ingot was founded upon our team’s belief that all – and we mean absolutely all – web content should be A/B tested. We see A/B testing as a web content task nearly as essential as spellchecking. In today’s marketplace, firms of all sizes (read: even your small side gig!) need to do everything possible to stand above the noise. Nugget by Ingot helps you do this. And just as we said with our original Nugget release, nothing is changing with Ingot – we are simply adding more. For more advanced A/B testing functionality such as price testing, you can upgrade by purchasing a single add-on
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