With the proliferation of easy-to-install Web sites and hosting providers, small business owners, nonprofit operators, and even departmental teams inside much bigger organizations are putting up sites and collecting a few bucks. In fact, you can think of all the Web hosting service providers out there as the original SaaS -- Software-as-a-Service -- providers. As an example, cPanel (the tool the vast majority of Web hosting customers use to manage their sites) was launched a full eight years before Gmail. Web hosting was SaaS before SaaS was cool. Lowering the barrier of entry Coud computing has engulfed lots of IT, but one of the untapped regions of the tech and business world is the industry cloud, focusing on vertical industries and more specialized applications. Read More Over the years, the barrier of entry to setting up a basic Web site has gotten lower and lower, and the capabilities and overall look and feel of those Web sites has gotten better and better. Wix promises a Web site that's "Just a click away." Squarespace promises "Perfect Web sites." And the open source WordPress, which lets you host your own Web site and modify it to your heart's content, promises their "famous
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