The Stack: Overview We went with a single-page app approach on the new site for speed, control over page transitions, and an easily-maintainable and portable component architecture for the views. After doing some research of and experimentation with JavaScript frameworks, we concluded that there are two main contenders: Angular and React. These were the top dogs mostly because of their long term viability and well-established component repositories. And while we work with Angular on some service projects, the momentum, feature set, and strong satellite projects of React made it the right choice for the front end of our own redesign. On the back end we went with a bit of a gamble, starting our development last fall with the WordPress REST API before it fully arrived in Core. Even if we didn’t have the luxury of a final and stable API, the choice was pretty obvious for us. The API was at an early beta (version 3), and it had been fun following along as the team continued building the final-release version. Barring some mild changes to accommodate architecture shifts, the experience has been quite smooth. The API has served us very well, and we’ve got nothing but immense gratitude for
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