Welcome to the 13th edition of the transparency report! This series is all about the behind-the-curtain business details here at CodeinWP. Month after month, I try to focus on everything that’s interesting and might be useful to those of you running similar businesses. (You can see the previous reports here.) In this edition, I talk about what happened at CodeinWP in February 2016: Are you too late to the WordPress theme market? Okay, here’s a business strategy for you – should you ever want to join the WordPress theme market: Start by creating an awesome free theme. Something that tackles a specific niche, instead of trying to be all things to all people (in other words, themes, not frameworks). Then, submit that theme to the official theme directory at WordPress.org. Finally, create a PRO version, and upsell it through that free theme. So what’s wrong with that plan? Nothing in particular … I mean, it worked perfectly for quite a number of companies (including us, to some extent). In fact, if it had been 2012, this plan would have worked perfectly. I think you can see the problem by now… The conditions on the market have simply changed. Or, to be more precise, it’s become much more
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