Raise words, not voice! Raising words works better- may takes time but definitely works. For years, been around, engaged in conversations- talked about various aspect of the WordPress Repository (specially the Theme Directory). Pointed needs of improvements, argued for ways to go for it and pushed where it was needed. There were more people doing the same- interestingly, it all getting worked out more or less- with time. First there was the Testimonial pages update (didn’t see that coming) and now the Plugin Directory v3 are being hatched- and in Theme Directory it’s happening too (slowly but it’s happening). Just immediately after the following comments on WPtavern- so happy about it. At least changes are happening- and the only constant is change. More to come in the future- no doubt. :) Is WordPress moving too fast? Look at WordPress repository- 12 weeks for Theme Approval time- Fast enough? Automation? Theme Directory improvement? A year old irony. May be another year to look forward for improving WordPress.org (be that Theme/Plugin Directory or the Docs/Codex)- not just pushing a few things here or there to make a nice “List of improvements”- but the actual improvements that would
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