Web development is a process which takes an idea into reality. It is a process that can be tough, complex, and somewhat frustrating at times. Especially for those that are not in the web development space. This is because of the mixed messages that are presented to us each and every day. Has this ever happened to you? You have this big “thing” you are planning for your business. You want to create a page on your website announcing it. You’d like to have people sign up and then be able to send them an email about it later. You log into your website and wonder how to do this. So you go back to your web developer to find out how only for him to say “Um, we can’t.” (Or even worse, you don’t hear back from your web developer.) These sorts of “things” are hard to do. These sorts of “things” are complex in the way they tie together. Yet, the services out there that bombard us on how easy building a website for our business don’t offer these. Wouldn’t it seem logical for businesses to be able to reach out to its customers this way? Smart business owners realize that web development is a skill that shouldn’t be discounted. In price and in talent and experience. The wrong perception of web development
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