I can always do it later… Years ago I was coaching a young entrepreneur that was just getting started with her business. As we talked about all the different things that go into running your first business, we landed on the topic of price. Her response to me was something I’ve since heard several more times. I can always raise my rates later. It’s the hope and dream that everyone has, right? That at some future point, when so many people are accustomed to the tremendous value you’ve delivered, that it will be easy to raise your rates. Raising your prices isn’t easy At this point I’d normally introduce you to a study that highlights what I’m going to share with you – a way to scientifically prove that we’re all really easily anchored. If you don’t know what anchored means, it simply means we all learn to take things for granted very quickly. But today I’m not going to do that. You don’t need a study. What you need is a simple story that I hope you’ll enjoy. I lease a nice car. It’s kind of what you’d call a fancy car. And one of the features of this fancy car is that when I walk up to it and grab the locked door handle, with the key in my pocket, it automatically unlocks. I never had
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