This is a story about how I fell in love with WordPress (and web) even after being misguided towards the career-path of Electrical Engineering and that of a jack of all trades, but WordPress community was where I found my true self. HeroPress Before I start writing this essay, I’d like to talk a little about HeroPress. You see, I have been involved with this initiative for more than a year now. It was 23rd, January 2015 when I first posted about its Kickstarter campaign in the Advanced WordPress Facebook group. A few days later Matt Cromwell wrote a piece about Values and Pitfalls of HeroPress where we ended up with 200+ comments and a discussion about the name i.e. HeroPress. I won’t bore you with more details, but you can read about my views in the following screenshot. My Confession Anywho, here we are — after a year — with 45+ fantastic HeroPress essays published. Topher has done a brilliant job of managing HeroPress. And he has been persistent in asking me to write an essay here. But to be honest, I have had been trying to avoid it since I AM NO HERO. I am just a regular full stack WordPress developer who loves to write, talk, build and share open source WordPress products. I guess
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