I had just written the #1 resumes bestseller on Amazon and had hit over 40,000 Kindle downloads. All I had to do next was to build a website to help promote it. “That should be easy!” I thought. I was so wrong. When I created my first website, I overspent on my budget, couldn’t complete the project, and ultimately failed. I know firsthand some of the challenges faced when building a WordPress site. I’m here to share my lessons so that you don’t have to experience the challenges that I ran into. At the time, this was my first foray into building a WordPress site. I literally had no clue what I was doing. But I’m a big believer that some of the best lessons are through first-hand experiences, so I dove right in. I quickly hired a designer and developer after reviewing their portfolio. They had a few projects that looked pretty good, so it seemed like a sure bet. Or so I thought. Fast forward to a few weeks later. They showed me the final product and it wasn’t anything close to what I had outlined and described at the beginning of the project. In addition to that, any additional changes would have cost a lot more money. Money that exceeded the original budget. I learned a lot of lessons
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