I just finished installing my first-ever SSL certificate by hand. While it wasn’t exactly fun, it wasn’t as harrowing as I expected it to be. Of more value, I learned about some helpful tricks and resources, which is why I put myself through this process. Before I share those details with you, let me clarify something about me. While I’m considered “one of America’s foremost cybersecurity experts,” my expertise isn’t hands-on. I’m not one of those guys who flings conf files and hacks router bits. What I do is stand in front of a virtual classroom and scare the pants off of generals and admirals, CEOs and whatever CXOs are this week. I’m real good at giving leaders reasons not to sleep, but I don’t really enjoy setting up servers and networks. Oh, I force myself to do it. That’s part of why I’m coding and doing these side projects. I don’t ever want to become one of those people who look at you blankly when actual technical things come up. That’s why — instead of just paying someone to set up SSL on a server for me — I did it myself on my own little Linux install. It’s how I keep my chops up and how I maintain a clue. It’s also how I discover cool stuff that doesn’t necessarily show
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