What if I told you that the Give API + JavaScript = Awesome Reporting Tools? Mind-blown, right? We already know how awesome Give is, but what if you need more power or visual aid from the data? Charts are an easy way to evaluate how a form is performing, how much donors are donating, or even which gateway people use the most. For the purpose of this article, I am going to work on an example pie chart that will compare all my forms and, more importantly, demonstrate which one performs best. Chart.js D3 and highcharts are powerful tools for JS data, but for the sake of simplicity, we are going to use Chart.js. It’s powerful without being overly complex. Chart.js has a few awesome charts built into its library with a large contributor community of people who extend and add features. Out of the box you get line charts, bar graphs, radar charts, polar area charts, and pie / doughnut charts. As it is, it’s powerful. A closer look tells us it really just uses the HTML5 canvas element to draw so it is easy to tap into and extend if you want further control. Give API Give comes with an amazing developer’s dream feature: an API. While the WordPress REST API is coming into core, it isn’t there
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