Danny van Kooten is the founder of Ibericode and the creator of MailChimp for WordPress, one of the most popular WordPress plugins on WordPress.org. I have known Danny for a while and I know he has a pretty solid workflow, so I reached out and asked if he would like to share it, which he agreed to. Thank you, Danny! In the video Danny shows how he has bundled all the commands needed to release a new version of MC4WP into a bash script. There is a lot of things going on in that script, but especially the part where he uses the git archive command to create the release zipball is super cool. The MC4WP repository contains a .gitattributes file that tells Git to ignore a bunch of files when exporting the repository. All these files are irrelevant to the end users of MC4WP and are only relevant for the developers. MailChimp for WordPress is one if the most popular WordPress plugins on WordPress.org. Every time Danny and his team sends out a new release, nearly 500.000 WordPress sites get an update notification. So by adding a simple .gitattributes file to the MC4WP repository, half a million sites don’t have to download megabytes of files they don’t need. The MailChimp for WordPress repository
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