Next time somebody tells you: "Yeah, I know WordPress. I hear it is good for blogs", please flick 'em on the back of the head while saying "Not true buddy". WordPress powers up around 25% of the entire internet, and there are plenty of e-commerce websites that successfully run on WordPress. NYT, Time, Walt Disney Company, and many more run on WordPress, so there's no room left for arguments like that. The problem is that issues and unexpected errors are part of life. As great as WordPress would ever be, it's affected by human limits that resolve in issues affecting your website, your clients', and your business eventually. Even if every WordPress installation is different than all the others, it'd be useful to have a list of the most common issues that have been experienced by the WordPress users to use as a quick reference and check it out every time you'd need help. I know: such list make sense to newbies and those with a just a couple of years of experience, but don't forget: if you are an experienced WordPress user, you've grown thanks to these issues! So this is what you're getting: here's some of the most common WordPress issues with their actual fix, all listed. Are you eager
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