Finally recovered enough to write this blog post. Obviously as a WordCamp Miami organizer i’m biased as to what I liked about the event, but also as an organizer i have a unique perspective. So if you wanted to know some of the behind the scenes info, along with some stats, read on. And since events have their problems – either within your control or completely out of your control – i’ll be mentioning some things that went wrong to some degree. Attendance WordCamp Miami was the largest it’s ever been with about 850 attendees, including children from our kid’s camps. In 2015 the official number was 770, and in 2014 around 700. 1,342 tickets were sold this year (that included our two-day weekend tickets, workshop tickets, kid’s tickets, and misc. tickets). We had the largest turnout percentage for Sunday – our Learn JavaScript Deeply track was packed early in the morning, and our other session rooms saw more numbers than last year. Even with these increased numbers, our registration was the fastest i’ve ever seen. As the hundreds came in on Saturday morning (what WCMIA organizers nickname “D Day”), our volunteers took care of them so quick I thought – just based on looking at the registration
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