As WordPress website owner you have definitely thought about the security of your blogs and websites. Most probably you have also read a few articles about WordPress security, or how to secure your WordPress. Though if WordPress security is not your cup of tea, you failed to understand half of the terms used in such documents, hence could not make sense of it all. Don’t fret though. Below is a glossary of WordPress security terminology and words, that explains them in very simple words for you, to help you better understand those security documents. Table of Contents Audit Trail Also commonly known as audit log, an audit trail is a security record that is used to keep evidence of a sequence of events. Therefore a WordPress audit trial is a log that can contain information on what the WordPress users did, such as when they logged in and from where, what content they changed, which plugins they installed, activated or upgraded etc. By default WordPress does not keep an audit trail though you can easily start keeping a record of all WordPress changes in an audit trail with a plugin. There are several benefits to keeping a WordPress audit trial and several regulatory compliance requirements
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