Yesterday, we featured WP Inject, a plugin that makes it easy to insert Creative Commons licensed images into WordPress content. High quality CC-licensed images are incredibly easy to find these days. The vast majority of the collections include images that fall under the Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 2.0 license. While these images are fine for blogging, they cannot be distributed with GPL-licensed software. Why Creative Commons 2.0 Is Not Compatible With the GPL When I submitted my first theme to the WordPress Themes Directory, I learned that most CC-licensed images are not compatible with the GPL. At first it seemed odd to me that they wouldn’t be compatible, given that they both offer so much freedom. Samuel “Otto” Wood explained why certain Creative Commons licenses are not compatible in an answer on the support forums: Because CC-BY-SA cannot be sublicensed, then that means it cannot be distributed in a work under the terms of the GPL. So it cannot be included in a GPL-compatible work-as-a-whole. If you want to include images in a GPL-licensed work, you’ll need to select from those that fall under a compatible license. According to the GNU licensing classifications,
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