Petya Raykovska of Human Made announced yesterday that the second Day of REST conference will be held in Boston on October 28.

“We’re thrilled to announce that after the overwhelmingly positive feedback from A Day of REST London, we will be bringing the event to the USA in October for A Day of REST Boston 2016 in partnership with Post Status.”

Workshops led by professional trainers will be held before and after the conference on October 27 and 29 and will provide training on “everything from JavaScript basics to in-depth explorations of specific technologies.” The workshop schedule has not yet been set, so if you have an idea for a topic, fill out the workshop survey.

Last year, A Day of REST was held in London, and it was a huge success. So much so that there’s an entire “Week of REST” bootcamp slated to take place this year in the UK. With the event being held in the US this year, it opens it up to new people who may not have been able to attend last year because of its location.

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Marie Dodson

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