(This is the talk I have given at App Builders Switzerland on April 25th, 2016. The slides are available on SpeakerDeck and at the bottom of this article.) Hi everyone, I am a forty-two years old self-taught developer, and this is my story. A couple of weeks ago I came by the tweet below, and it made me think about my career, and those thoughts brought me back to where it all began for me: I started my career as a software developer at precisely 10am, on Monday October 6th, 1997, somewhere in the city of Olivos, just north of Buenos Aires, Argentina. The moment was Unix Epoch 876142800. I had recently celebrated my 24th birthday. The World In 1997 The world was a slightly different place back then. Websites did not have cookie warnings. The future of the web were portals like Excite.com. AltaVista was my preferred search engine. My e-mail was kosmacze@sc2a.unige.ch, which meant that my first personal website was located in http://sc2a.unige.ch/~kosmacze. We were still mourning Princess Lady Diana. Steve Jobs had taken the role of CEO and convinced Microsoft to inject 150 million dollars into Apple Computer. Digital Equipment Corporation was suing Dell. The remains of Che Guevara had
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