If you are just getting into JavaScript, you may have seen the plethora of JavaScript frameworks (MVC and others) that are available it can be overwheling. But which framework is the best framework for you? One way to learn is to look over the interactive roundup of frameworks at TodoMVC and see how they work. jQuery is not one of the frameworks First, lets start off with what most people are going to turn to when they first pick up JavaScript: jQuery. jQuery is NOT a JavaScript framework, it is a library. jQuery is a very powerful library that you can use to do a lot of amazing things. From the simple “let me animate this to the left” to the complex AJAX and templating. It is so powerful it is hard to see why a lot of people coming into JavaScript bundle jQuery in with the the big framworks. jQuery is to be used in tandem with a framework of your choosing to only enhance the experience. Start with jQuery If you are just starting out with JavaScript, check out me and Josh Pollock talking about it, and how to get started with JavaScript. We both agreed, the best place to start is jQuery, it is not as daunting as working with vanilla (plain) JavaScript, and offers a quick learning curve
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