Any WordPress website that allows comments or implements forum (bbPress or something else) attracts comment spam. If you ever wondered how comment spam finds your website, this is a good place to start. Dev4Press website received 628.925 spam comments in 2015. Yes, that is over half a million messages received in a period of one year. You can see the chart of monthly spam messages below. The drop in December is a consequence of long downtime caused by the ASmallOrange hosting massive outage. On average, Dev4Press gets about 1800 spam comments each day during 2015, or 1.25 spam comments every minute. In the same year, main Dev4Press blog had 200 real users visits each day. And that makes spam visits making 90% of all visits website received in 2015. This information is for main website, it doesn’t include individual plugin websites or other subdomains on Dev4Press network (most of them don’t allow comments at all). All that spam is not only useless because all the spam was caught and never displayed, but it is taking valuable server resources. So, stopping spambots from visiting your website will improve your server performance, and that is the major reason for fighting
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