We’re pleased to announce the v0.5 release of the Customize Posts plugin! Check out my rough release demo video: Key features in this release: Postmeta support A framework for registering postmeta types, adding controls, and previewing changes. Page template Changes to the page template can now be previewed, both in the Customizer and from the edit page admin screen. The Customizer now opens when clicking “Preview Changes” to preview the page. Further edits can be made from the page template control in this Customizer page preview, and the changes get synced back to the page template dropdown in the page attributes metabox on the edit page screen. Featured image Similarly to the page template, changes to the featured image can now be previewed where normally this is not possible in WordPress. The featured image selection on edit post screen has been improved to not update featured image in place, instead waiting until the post is saved before updating the featured image postmeta. The featured image can be set from the post edit screen and then previewed in the Customizer via the post Preview Changes button: the featured image can be further changed in the Customizer post preview, with
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