There’s a lot of customization available under the hood of WordPress. There are also great out-of-the-box features to that often get looked over in the glitz and glamour of creating new template tags. Whether you’re a WordPress beginner or not, you may find some of these tips and tricks to be helpful surprises! Let’s take a look… 1. Distraction-Free / Full Screen Writing Mode WordPress has so many great tools to take advantage of. It can be nice to shed some of those extra layers when you need to get down to the nitty gritty of writing content. While you might not be able to turn off your neighbor’s blaring stereo, this great little toggle allows you to experience a bit more minimalism. Do you find it easier to write with less on the screen? I’m not familiar with getting distrac—wait, what’s that? It’s sort of glittery and shiny. Off in the distance. Hm. What are you working on over there, anyhow? 2. Image Editing The Media Gallery is where you can manage your meta data like title or alt text, but there are also added controls for doing basic media edits like scaling, cropping, and rotating images. This is perfect for those instances where you don’t need to do a full once over but just
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