Anna Sawin opened her photography business in 2008 and since then, she has photographed hundreds of families and dozens of weddings. But all the years working as a media spokesperson and writing letters and speeches for CEOs turned out to be a handier skill set than she could have imagined for a photographer! Penning letters on a regular basis for her photographer friends and their sticky client situations told her there was a need for her first product, the Wedding Photographer’s Inbox Solution. Adding those email templates to her collection of photographer’s marketing materials, workflows, questionnaires and client correspondence grew into the launch of Pencil & Lens. WordPress/Photography Related News: WordPress 4.5 is now out! Be sure to backup your sites before updating. Wordfence believes the Revolution Slider plugin is the cause of a major Panama law firm breach. Referenced Links: Where to find Anna: Transcription: The WordPress Photography Podcast, #13 – Goodbye Squarespace Hello WordPress w/ @pencilandlens (Anna Sawin) — Imagely (@imagely) April 28, 2016
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