Security is always on the minds of Internet users, and it should be. The idea of having your livelihood affected by someone gaining access to your site is understandably terrifying. There are ways to keep prying eyes at bay and secure your site. Of course, you should make sure you have a secure username and password, and that your site is always up to date. If you’ve done all of this and you’re still worried, there is always more you can do.

This roundup will help you keep your site secure and prevent any problems from arising in the future. Whether you’re an expert in WordPress security or just beginning to think about it, these articles will help ease your mind.

11 Simple Tips To Boost Your WordPress Security

These 11 tips can help you beef up security quickly. All of these steps can be done by a beginner and will do a lot to secure your site. Begin by backing up all your work, then continue on to hide your username and limit login attempts. Once you have the basics taken care of, start thinking of things like using a secure host, that won’t only put security measures in place but will also help you if your site does get breached. Something that any site owner should always do is update. Don’t let a plugin or theme go without an update.

Once you get through these 11 steps, you can confidently get back to doing what you love about your website.

Best Security Plugins

Of course, there are plugins for everything, and security is no different. You can’t go wrong with any of these five options. iThemes Security is incredibly robust but also incredibly easy to use. The plugin creates a dashboard that gives you a list of vulnerabilities from most important to least. Sucuri Security is another great option and there is a free version. Not only does it give you a list of things to fix, it also monitors the activity on your site so you know where the problems lie.

Plugins are a great option if you’ve taken the rest of the steps to make your site more secure. It’s like having a security guard looking out for your all the time. Just make sure to update any plugins you download.

Learning From WordPress Security Vulnerabilities

The fact of the matter is that security vulnerabilities do happen and they can be exploited. The important thing is to learn from your mistakes and move forward. Josh Pollock sat down with WordPress developer James Golovich who discovered security vulnerabilities in popular WordPress companies. Golovich goes over the specifics of how certain attacks happen and how you can identify them. The interview offers a lot of insights into how we can prevent future attacks.

With this information, we can work together as a community to make WordPress more secure. It’s a great read for users and devs alike.

Maybe We Should Trust The WordPress Security Team

WordPress gets a bad rap for being insecure, but this just isn’t true. Oftentimes, outdated themes and plugins are the cause of the vulnerability. Another interview looks at what the WordPress security team is doing to keep the CMS safe. How much trust should we put in the team, and how many steps should we take to protect ourselves? That’s something that is important to consider when creating a website.

If we know more about what the security team does, it is easier to trust them. A lot of the vulnerabilities come from out of date plugins and themes, but the developers are working to make sure they deliver secure updates.

Safety And Security Infographic

With this infographic, you can take a look at a visual breakdown of security and WordPress. It breaks down things like signs your site may have been compromised, where the biggest security issues come from, and the different kinds of vulnerabilities you can encounter. If you’re new to security issues, it is a great way to see an overview. For someone who has been working with WordPress for awhile, you’ll find information that you might not have known.

This infographic will let you see WordPress security at a glance.

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