I write this to you in the brand new version of WordPress: 4.5. It came out just a few hours ago. With it, you can now use my newest plugin, Hawaiian Characters! What Does It Do? By default WordPress has a “Character Map” feature built into the editor for adding hard-to-type characters like these: © ® ™ ¼ ? ± … ? ¶ ¥ However, there’s never been a way to add to the default list of characters. Why would you need to do that? Well, one situation is if you’re writing in Hawaiian which requires the diacritical mark called the kahak?. That’s a kahak? there over the “o”. Using the Hawaiian Characters plugin adds all the possible kahak? characters as well as the okina (?) character. Why Did I Build It? The back story of the plugin is a fun one! Years ago, I built the website for KUA. They do fantastic community-based preservation work in Hawaii. In their own words: [KUA] supports creative and collective community-based solutions to problems stemming from environmental degradation in Hawai’i. One of their feature requests was an easy way to insert these characters into the text editor. At the time, it was impossible, but it always bothered me that I couldn’t build the feature. It felt like an
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