What is HHVM ? In case you have not heard about HHVM till now, let me tell you a few things about it in brief. HHVM is an abbreviation for HipHop Virtual Machine. It was created by Facebook in 2010, with the first public version released in 2011. The main reason behind HHVM was to save the server resources and to provide a faster web experience. It does so with the help of Just in Time (JIT) compiler, that takes PHP code and complies it into Machine code on the fly. Advantages of HHVM Performance boost : one of the major advantages that HHVM brings to the table is a considerable performance boost, thanks mainly due to the JIT compiler. Facebook : What makes the HHVM community and support great and dependable is the fact it is being backed by facebook. As facebook uses HHVM themselves as well, they work hard to optimize it as much as they can. Hack : The ability to statically code, using HHVM internally developer language hack further increases the speed of compilation. Disadvantages of HHVM Custom extensions : You can add out of the box custom extensions. You will have to convert the extensions for HHVM first before adding them Facebook : Yes this is one of the advantage for HHVM, but
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