If you are running a blog or website to promote your business or business services, the two most important factors for ensuring high visibility in the search engines are website performance and social media exposure. Google made it clear in 2010 that website speed would become an important ranking metric for organic search results, and social media has grown to become the 2nd biggest content discovery platform next to search engines. To this day, the question is raised as to how big of an impact social media has on search engine rankings, and I constantly find myself pointing my clients back to this social media effect on SEO research paper concluded by Eric Enge. In his own words: an effective social media campaign will have a strong impact on your organic search engine results. How do we go about making our WordPress faster, more searchable, and how can we improve our social media performance? The good news is WordPress takes care of a big chunk of these concerns with the help of third-party plugins and you can create additional improvements through data-proven techniques. Auditing a WordPress site for SEO performance Search engine optimization (SEO) entails a vast spectrum of attributes,
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