Resources Try my test drive site out to see how it works at In this post I’m going to walk you through how to set up a demo site for your plugin or theme that potential customers can use to test out your product. There are a few plugins that exist already but none of them meet my needs so I explored how to create one. Let’s get started. You need a few things to get started. WordPress Multisite, Gravity Forms with the User Registration Add On and Zapier (the free version will work). Once you have these things in place the next thing you’ll want to do it activate Gravity Forms on the base site of your multisite instance and create a user registration form. Here’s what my main demo site looks like. It simply prompts for an email and has a no robot CAPTCHA to prevent spam sign ups and a create button. I want to capture the email so I can follow-up with the potential customer and the rest of the process should be an easy one click and go. You can access the theme I use and all other assets at the bottom of the article under Resources at the top of the article. To create the Gravity Form for this site make sure you have the User Registration Add On activated
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