Last quarter, we were hired by Skype and tasked with building a smaller site, featuring Skype TX. Skype TX is “studio-grade hardware for the broadcast industry, which features peerless integration with Skype.” In other words, Skype Tx is powerful hardware and software for professionals in live broadcast situations. Because of a hard launch date, this project had a super short timeline and we decided a smaller team would keep us agile. Jaimie would be our Project Manager, Simon would handle the designs/PSD, Damon would deal with the front-end development, and I oversaw the back-end development, as well as serving as a lead for the project as a whole. I’d like to share our teams experience through building a new website for a pretty well known client. Designs Part of the scope, was a custom design, which featured five different templates. Skype wanted something similar to their current production site, but freshened up a bit for the new product launch. Simon also had brand guidelines and some direction from our point of contact at Skype. I spoke with Simon who told me, “All design research starts with listening. One of the issues Skype had was [that] Skype TX was buried.” Simon took some
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