A while ago we released Furnace, our first free WordPress theme specially designed for Forge. Furnace is a very special release because it is the perfect companion to our front-end page builder, bringing many options so you can have full control over your page layouts. But it is also special because it implements a new feature we wanted to launch for a long time: presets. With presets, we are hoping to solve a big usability problem in WordPress themes. More specifically, a problem that has plagued page builder themes for a long time. Loading Demo Content From Themes WordPress is powerful and very flexible, but one thing that has remained the same for a long time is the Import process. In my honest opinion, it is cumbersome and hard to use, especially for beginner-level users. The native WordPress was probably meant for migrating your content from one website to another. But nowadays, it is used for importing demo content from a new WordPress theme. Quite a lot. If you’re not familiar with this process, it’s rather simple: Most themes come packaged with an XML file with lots of pre-designed layouts. You can import them all at a time using the native WordPress importer. You open the layouts
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