Before we get to methods to fight comment spam, it is very important to understand how spammers and spambots work, what methods they use, what types of comments they are posting. This analysis is based on the comment spam on Dev4Press website is a network of over 20 websites, but comments are allowed only on the main website that includes the blog. Before we go on, you might wanna check out the previous article: Comment spam: how does it work?. WordPress settings regarding comments are set so that anyone can comment (with or without the user account), comment authors need to have a comment approved first (so basically, all comments from new authors are moderated), and comments are held for moderation if they contain 3 or more links. There are no keywords in moderation list or blacklist. Analysis period and basic stats This analysis deals with the comment spam on Dev4Press for the whole 2015. In this period, Dev4Press blog received the total of 628925 spam comments. No spam appeared on the website, it was all caught by WordPress (comments with too many links) or by Antispam Bee plugin. The analysis is focusing on the structure of the comments (length of the comment,
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