Last year, around this time, I was tinkering with what has now become While doing my market research, I stumbled upon the Freemius blog, more precisely upon this blog post by Vova, where he explained how he sized the market for WordPress plugins at 1 billion per year. It was the first time that I saw a proper market sizing exercise on this subject and it was very refreshing to see some numbers. Fast forward to today and here I am, writing a guest post on the Freemius blog about, well, the plugins market. Who would have thought? How did this happen? This post is a result of a discussion I had with Vova a few weeks back. Vova wanted to understand if the amount of plugins having a freemium strategy was increasing, while I was interested in identifying “freemium” plugins in order to add this as a filter on the Addendio search engine. Definition of Freemium Let’s be clear about the definition from the start: we classified as “freemium”, plugins having either paid add-ons, a premium version or service (e.g. premium support). You may disagree with the definition, but it’s important that you will be aware of how it was defined when examining the data we present. After a quick
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