Let’s Encrypt announced that the project is exiting beta this week. The initiative, which aims to encrypt 100% of the web by making trusted certificates available to everyone at no cost, launched its beta seven months ago. Since our beta began in September 2015 we’ve issued more than 1.7 million certificates for more than 3.8 million websites. We’ve gained tremendous operational experience and confidence in our systems. The beta label is simply not necessary any more. According to Let’s Encrypt sponsor Mozilla, more than 90% of the certificates are protecting websites that never had encryption before. Automattic is one of the early sponsors of the initiative and has partnered with Let’s Encrypt to add full SSL support for all sites hosted on WordPress.com. With the success of the beta period, Let’s Encrypt continues to renew and add sponsors to its roster, including Cisco, Akamai, Gemalto, HP Enterprise, Fastly, and other organizations. “A mix of people and organizations use Let’s Encrypt,” Mozilla representatives told TechCrunch. “Many individuals and smaller entities use it, but quite a few larger organizations such as WordPress.com, OVH, Akamai and Dreamhost use it as well. It’s
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