Leveling up as a developer is more complex than one would think. Recently, our very own Matt Cromwell appeared on The WP Crowd’s episode about this very topic. Leveling up as a developer is more complex than one would think. The process has layers like an onion — sometimes sweet, sometimes causing tears. You can level up by learning a coding language but developing your troubleshooting and problem skills are just as important. It’s true. Problem solving skills are an important part of development. Sometimes leveling up is about learning how to ask questions. And it seems obvious, but often you need to talk to the duck so to speak to really formulate in your mind where you’re having trouble. “Tone is really important [when asking for help].” Matt Cromwell Often people are frustrated, wanting code to be simple or the fix to be simple. When troubleshooting, Jesse Petersen says, “You have to really start at the beginning… You have to locate what version they’re running on.” He also suggests sorting out the issue in a local environment as Genesis Framework can be a bit tricky. Also, consider joining a membership site for handy resources. Other times you learn to whom the question should
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