WordPress plugins should be great — not just good enough. They should be memorable and offer a great user experience; to both developers and site-admins. Backing up here. There’s a Chinese restaurant, now closed, located in the middle of our route of errands. Every so often, my husband and I would say to each other, “Let’s go to Shanghai Charlie’s.” And the other will say, “Was it good?” “Didn’t we go there once?” “I think so but I don’t remember.” Even though we considered dining there, our past experience was not memorable. Result? Pass. I always say if you don’t remember how the food was at a restaurant, it wasn’t that good. Important to note here is that it wasn’t that bad, either. It just wasn’t memorable. We remember the bad and the good. The dangerous ground is in the ho-hum zone. I apologize that my analogies revolve around food, but it’s something we all understand. Think about your favorite restaurants. In many ways, what makes them rise in rank are the same reasons why any product excels. Do you recognize these plugin logos? Of course you do. They offer easy-to-use products, a good experience, and support that stands above. Just because you can cook, doesn’t mean you should
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