Without much adieu, we wanted to share with you the March Customer Happiness Statistics. In the interest of full disclosure we have decided to share with you the good, the bad and the ugly. In this report, you will see what goals we managed to reach, which ones we didn’t and what our plans are for the upcoming month. March Goals Review What We Did Well One of our main goals for the month of March was to reduce the First Response Time under 30 minutes. We reached this goal with the help of a new team member. We managed to get our First Response Time down to 24 minutes, and we did this by growing our team. In light of this here are a few words from Luka, our newest Customer Happiness Engineer: Training was hard for me, I had to unlearn a lot of my old habits and at the same time learn a bunch of new stuff. The technical part was easy, but the true challenge was learning how to go that extra mile and evolve from a Technical Support Agent to a Customer Happiness Engineer. What We Can Do Better What we struggled with this month was our First Response Time in Orion Support. Unfortunately, our First Response Time is just under 3 hours. These results are not up to our standard. However, we
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