WordPress Multisite allows webmasters to create hundreds of sites powered by a single WordPress core, inside a single directory. Converting WordPress into a Multisite installation is pretty simple. Just follow the instructions at the Codex or use the multisite-convert WP-CLI command. What if you’d like to merge existing standalone WordPress websites into a Multisite installation? Ready? Let’s get merging. 0. Before You Begin Moving an existing single-site installation into an existing WordPress Multisite network can be confusing and error-prone, so we encourage you to create a full backup of both sites before you begin. When the backup is complete, copy all the contents (including a database dump) of the single site to the same server hosting your Multisite network. If you’d like a migration with zero downtime, use your local /etc/hosts file to point the single-site domain to your Multisite network for the duration of the whole process. When done, remove those entries and point your real domain to the network via DNS. If you’re okay with some downtime, feel free to make the DNS change immediately. 1. Create a Blank Site Create a new site via the Multisite administration panel (Sites
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