Over in our friend Christine's private Facebook group (for Business, Brilliantly), the question below was asked. And then I was asked to chime in, so I decided to write an article about this because I think the Imagely community can benefit from the answer as well. I now know to rename all of my images files with a descriptive title like pink-maui-tented-wedding.jpg or what have you. I have been warned about 'spamming' keywords however and I'm worried that since my site may have hundreds of images with words like 'maui' and 'wedding' in the file names, alt tags & descriptions that's going to seem like spamming. (Site / blog on WordPress, same thing.) Most articles I read on SEO are not specific to photography websites and are not sensitive to the fact that we have many many more images about the same thing than other types of websites. Thanks for any insights you may have. Keyword stuffing is a tricky thing, especially for photographer commonly include many photographs in one article. Many wedding photographers include 10-30 photographs in one post. While we understand the value in that from a visual point of view for site visitors, if too many images exist it can hurt your SEO in various
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