RESEARCH: How Fast Should Customers Expect WordPress Plugin Support? Customer support is a major player when it comes to creating a profitable, premium plugin. Although support is generally regarded as important, it isn’t given much attention. Discussions center around building plugins, but don’t often hit on how to provide support. Things like plugin coding and features are often emphasized, while plugin support is thought of more as a side-product of business. Of course, having an awesome plugin that is well-coded is key, but without support, customers can quickly become frustrated and move elsewhere. In a research study on how WordPress users choose plugins, we found support is a major factor in why people choose certain plugins. It was slightly more influential than cost when choosing between two similar plugins. We decided to explore plugin support further in an effort to understand what WordPress users should expect when they ask for support. The Quintessential Support User & the Quest for “Good” Support Unfortunately, WordPress users who rely on support are often portrayed as whiny complainers. They ask too many questions without trying to find the answer on their own or giving
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