This translates to real… || PHP-PM is a novel way of running PHP applications. Instead of creating an exotic high performance runtime for the PHP language, it takes an alternative route to mechanism of running PHP applications with existing runtimes. This translates to real performance gains with existing complex applications, not just impressive theoretical benchmark results. The approach PHP-PM takes is running PHP applications as processes that reduce the continous bootstrapping that has always been a hallmark of PHP applications. This site has discussed this approach before and even done some benchmarks with impressive results with real life applications: Just a few months ago in the first months of 2016 the PHP-PM project looked more of an continuation of the experiment done with Symfony way back in 2014. But coming to the end of April, the project has picked up steam and has become a more credible effort. Starting with a clean logo, but continuing with better documentation, wider support and ease of use. All of this boils down to the increased efforts of the project lead Marc J. Schmidt which is illustrated in the project's GitHub activity graph: While it feels this added velocity
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