If you have ever owned a website or used the internet for online purchases, you might know that some site URL’s begin with “https” instead of “http”, and that they are usually accompanied by a little green lock or shield. This means that the site has an SSL certificate and is therefore trustworthy. What you may not know is that EVERY site should have SSL What does an SSL certificate do? The short answer is, it certifies that your website is actually the site it claims to be. In other words, because Amazon has an SSL certificate, when you go to https://amazon.com you know that you are actually seeing Amazon’s website. The other great thing SSL certificates do is encrypt any data passing between the client (your browser) and the server (Amazon’s website). Care for a demonstration? EnCt28d9a57025c0dccf2e5a03240eabc5d4393197bf48d9a57025c0dccf2e5a03240Yn/IMeIi+wE4dPAAIFeKffhHQcHedVtbrmUGPGCQnS264qBdKuk=IwEmS Can you tell me what this text means? Of course not, no one can, it’s encrypted. However, if you were to take that text over to https://encipher.it, you can decrypt it using my super secret password: visceral Pretty neat huh? Makes you feel a bit like James Bond? What makes SSL so important?
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