Ever since I joined the team over at KeyCDN, I have become obsessed with web performance. Part of my job as an inbound marketer is to write about ways to improve the speed of your site. I thought I would share some of my WordPress tips with you on how I improved this site. So I will be honest, I got a little lazy this last year on performance. My site slowly climbed over a second and a half load time and I was not happy. So I decided to deconstruct everything piece by piece, HTTP request by HTTP request. And here is what I did. Feel free to copy away. You can see my final speed comparison results at the bottom of this post. 1. Changed from ThemeForest Theme to MyThemeShop Many of you might not have even noticed, but I actually just changed WordPress themes. Yes, I skinned the new one to match my old design, but the coding behind it is much cleaner. I saw a 250ms decrease simply by changing themes, without anything else! Kudos to the team over at MyThemeShop because they know how to code properly, keep things lightweight, and still include schema markup and rich snippets, which are things most competitors don’t. I went from MyThemeShop to ThemeForest, and am back on MyThemeShop. Yes,
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