BuddyPress has options to mange components, pages, and a few configuration settings. There are also some internal configuration options that are not exposed to the site administrator. These hidden options required adding custom code. We wanted to make it easy to access these extra configurations. After installing and activating BuddyExtender, free from the WordPress plugins repository, options are accessed via Settings -> BuddyExtender in the WordPress admin. Let’s go over each option and how it affects a BuddyPress site. Some of the settings can interfere with the display of your site. Note: Please test each option before going live to ensure satisfactory results. Avatar Settings Avatar Thumb Size – This changes the dimensions of user avatars in member lists, activity streams and forums. Avatar Full Size – Now you can change the dimensions of user avatars in profile and group headers. Avatar Max Size – The max width/height of an image the can be upload during avatar creation. Default User Avatar – BuddyPress uses either the mystery man or a Gravatar for users whom had not uploaded a custom image. This option turns off Gravatar and uses a custom image as a default. Advanced Settings
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